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People are increasingly asking their local pharmacists for information about prescription medicine, and as dosing schedules become increasingly complex, Altium pharma products can help you increase patient adherence and compliance. Altium Healthcare offers a complete packaging solution with custom caps, custom labels, and pharmaceutical vials. Altium Healthcare's complete line of containers and closures for prescription, over-the-counter, and wellness products feature child resistance for children and non-child resistance for senior adults.

As the majority of people strive for a healthier lifestyle. Whether getting more exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, taking vitamins and supplements, or taking medicine for an unforeseen illness, we all do our best to stay healthy. With bottles ranging from 45cc to 1500cc and multiple neck sizes, Altium is confident they have the perfect bottles to fill your needs.

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Altium Network In The U.S. And Canada: Your Market. Our Solutions

Does your product packaging stand out? Altium can help you choose packaging that works best for your product and your customers, whether it’s stock bottles or custom designs. Altium Packaging customers receive personalized assistance with the dependability, flexibility, and creativity our unique organization is known for through our network of more than 70 plants in the U.S. and Canada, 100 years of innovation, high-quality customer service, and nearly 4,000 dedicated employees.

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