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State of the art plastic bottles from Altium now in full 3D

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Altium Packaging are always rethinking the plastic bottle. From food, nutrition, automotive, and household cleaning, they are developing the best containers for both brands and consumers. Now visitors from all corners of the world can stop by their Webpackaging LIVE 3D booth today to experience their packaging solutions without wasting carbon emissions or time in airplanes.

Altium have a diverse portfolio of bottles to fit brands’ unique needs. Their interactive booth displays three videos, demonstrating their solutions in action. Visitors can click to download their catalog to see their full range of innovative products. Click “sustainability” to open up a webpage detailing their commitment to sustainability and the latest in eco-friendly packaging.

Ten of their innovative bottles are on display as full 3D models. Click the 32Oz Maple Syrup Jug to see this consumer-friendly bottle from all angles. Its handle is easy to grab and the large amount of available surface area for printing and labeling is clear when viewing it in 3D.

Brands interested in elevating the consumer experience should click the Dura-Lite bottles on the left side wall. Both the Dura-Lite Canister and the Dura-Lite IRG: Industrial One-Gallon bottle are viewable in full 3D. Altium prove that a standard design can always be improved and made more sustainable. They have reduced the weight in both packages, decreasing plastic usage while increasing performance and consumer satisfaction.

The rotate buttons easily show the package from every position. Visitors can click specifications to see the full overview of each package’s dimensions, capacity, characteristics, and more. Click the posters in the middle of the room to read more about what developments Altium have been working on to make the plastic bottle better for both end users and the planet.

Visitors can leave a message with the chat button in the right bottom corner any time of the day from anywhere in the world. Open up a conversation with Altium to see how they can improve your product line with their innovative solutions.

Visit their 3D booth today at https://www.expomaker.com/expo/altium.

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