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With over 500 stock molds and a state-of-the-art design studio, we elevate our customers’ brands through innovative packaging solutions. Our container portfolio ranges from 1 ounce to 5 gallons and serves a variety of industries.

We understand the dairy industry and what consumers are looking for. That’s why both large dairy corporations as well as smaller regional and family dairies rely on CCC to help grow their business and elevate their brands with the right packaging.

With best in class packaging options, we provide tried-and-true designs as well as innovative custom solutions for milk, yogurt, drinkable yogurt, smoothies, and other dairy and dairy alternative products. With a company history that can be traced back over 100 years, CCC has established manufacturing processes that are consistent, reliable, and efficient. Customers can rest easy knowing we meet FDA requirements.


From large format bottles for water coolers, to smaller, more refrigerator-friendly sizes, CCC focuses on quality, durability, and lightweighting. Clear as water, it’s what we do.

Our large format containers offer optional, patented ergonomic handles and materials that support a wide range of color options.

Consumer beverage preferences can be as fluid as the products that quickly fall in and out of favor. To hold onto market share and grow beyond, companies must keep up and stand out with new flavors, blends, and bottle formats and sizes that consumers respond to.

It doesn’t matter if your product is juice, tea, sports and energy drinks, nutraceutical beverages, or even margarita mix, CCC is here to help you find the right solution for your brand. We’ve developed bottle families specifically tailored to the beverage industry and know how to balance convenience, handling, and durability, providing a unique customer experience. We help keep you ahead of the curve by continually designing, developing, and producing bottles that lead the industry in shelf presence and consumer appeal – which is exactly where your products should be.

At CCC, our food packaging containers bring eye-catching presence to the shelf and ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing designs to the table. Our food-grade facilities follow all applicable legal standards.


We make rigid plastic containers for consumers looking to maximize their health – including solutions designed specifically for pediatric, geriatric, bodybuilding, and many other specialty applications. Whether your product is sports and energy drinks, vitamin/antioxidant-enriched foods and beverages, protein powders, or nutrition supplements, we offer a range of dispenser-friendly and attractive options for every product.

The nutrition industry continues to evolve as consumers demand new nutrition creations in more accessible forms. CCC has the quality packaging and customization options you need to distinguish your products and attract new customers in a highly competitive market.

Competitive packaging options that evolve with 

The sheer number of household chemicals calls for a wide variety of packaging designs. CCC will help you find the right one for your product, no matter if you need a simple container with an ergonomic handle, a dual-neck container with a spout, an angle-neck dispensing squeeze-bottle, or one of the many other bottle designs we offer.


CCC’s industrial and agricultural packaging is designed to deliver the ideal combination of package integrity and usability, making our containers ideal for storage and dispensing. We know people are more selective when it comes to handling specialty chemicals, which is why we carefully engineer containers with considerations for transportation, storage and use in mind.


When it comes to car care and performance, we know how to package it. We offer advanced barrier layer chemistry which can be extruded into our bottles to allow for the safe containment of additives and supplements with aggressive chemicals. Whether it’s gasoline additives, brake or steering fluid, motor oil, windshield treatment, antifreeze, or gear lubricant, you need containers that are easy to handle and safe to use.


From shampoo to lotion, we bring our years of innovation and custom designs to packaging in the health and beauty industry.  Combined with our large selection of stock bottle offerings in various shapes and sizes, CCC has the right solution for your brand and unique line of products.

Our containers are made to entice consumers to purchase products that reflect the highest quality – because when it comes to products that touch your skin, trust and ease of use is essential. Packaging is a reflection of your brand, and the right packaging can send a powerful message.

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