Seventh Generation Leverages Altium Packaging’s Studio PKGTM for PCR Packaging

When Seventh Generation needed a partner that could create packaging that reflected their commitment to sustainability while helping them stand apart from their competitors. Seventh Generation® leveraged Altium Packaging’s Studio PKGTM engineering, design, and testing expertise to create a new line of bottles incorporating large quantities of Envision Plastics’ post-consumer resin (PCR).

The result was a family of bottles with a brand-specific look and feel, high-content PCR and bio-resin usage, and the added benefit of increased sustainability through reduced bottle weight. All of this was accomplished while maintaining and, in some cases, improving performance standards.

Altium Packaging’s work with Seventh Generation® produced a variety of innovative solutions, including a 100-ounce laundry bottle made of 100% PCR and bio-resin. Altium Packaging ensured that most of its bottle offerings contained over 80% PCR to align with Seventh Generation's brand identity.

Packaging Solutions Always Made Right® thanks to a diverse packaging portfolio and an innovative design team working to produce creative household packaging solutions ideal for brands in the home care market.

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Joy® has been a household name in dishwashing liquid detergent since 1949. Liquid Manufacturing Solutions (LMS) approached Studio PKG with minor adjustments planned across three bottle sizes from 11oz to 90oz. Recognizing brand disconnects, the Studio PKG team encouraged LMS to revamp the bottles’ visual language to align with the Joy Brand. The outcome is a cohesive line of bottles, preserving a unified family appearance and effectively conveying the joyful essence of the product’s branding.

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