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Seventh Generation

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The Challenge

Seventh Generation® needed a product line redesign that reflected their brand’s commitment to sustainability, distinguished their packaging from competitors, and had a fresh, modern look.

The Solution

Seventh Generation® leveraged CCC’s Studio PKGTMengineering, design, and testing expertise to create a new line of bottles that incorporated large quantities of Envision Plastics’ post-consumer resin (PCR).

The Results

The result was a family of bottles with a brand-specific look and feel, high content PCR and bio resin usage, and the added benefit of increased sustainability through reduced bottle weight. All of this was accomplished while maintaining, and in some cases, improving performance standards.

CCC’s work with Seventh Generation® produced a variety of innovation solutions, including a 100-ounce laundry bottle made of 100% PCR and bio resin. To align with Seventh Generation’s®brand identity, CCC worked to ensure the majority of their bottle offerings contain over 80% PCR.


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