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Dura-Lite family of bottles

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The Challenge

Customers became so accustomed to the dairy square, a versatile bottle used for both dairy and water packaging, because it hadn’t changed much in the past 20 years. CCC’s innovative designers at Studio PKGTM took it upon themselves to challenge the status quo.

The Solution

Our team partnered with Milacron® Uniloy® to create Dura-Lite®, a patented design created with lightweighting, performance, and fill line/supply chain compatibility at the forefront of our designers’ minds. The innovation team at CCC’s Studio PKG even had the foresight to make the lightweighting technology applicable in different packaging configurations and sizes to meet the needs of various industries.

The Results

Measuring at the same height and base footprint as standard designs, Dura-Lite containers run on standard fill line equipment with minimal modifications despite a 15 to 20% reduction in weight. With this lower resin weight, we are able to cut customers’ costs and reduce their environmental impact while maintaining or improving strength and performance. Not only does the Dura-Lite design mesh well with existing fill line equipment, but it also still meets the physical demands of the customer’s supply chain as well as expectations consumers hold for functionality and aesthetics.

Even though this collaboration focused on the dairy business initially, Dura-Lite now also serves the water, food, beverage, health and beauty, household chemical, specialty chemical, and automotive industries.

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